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About Alec

I’ve always enjoyed traveling for work and pleasure. Now when I travel for pleasure, I get distracted thinking about photo ideas. I always see the world as I would see it through my lens. 

At a young age I was always the one on family vacations taking pictures on my phone of anything and everything that caught my eye. My older brother started showing me how to take photos on his Canon Rebel T5i which opened up an entirely new world of photography for me. After high school I attended Curry College as a communication major with a concentration in film. This is where I discovered my passion for filmmaking and really got to take my photography to the next level.

Throughout my college years I started working with some amazing people. Helping models and dancers build out their portfolios, while I was building my own. I also had the tremendous opportunity to work with a handful of brands on Newbury Street in Boston. I enjoyed the work so much, it was an easy decision to transition this into my fulltime career and founded WiseArts LLC. I hit the ground running and never looked back!

This has been an amazing journey. A journey that allows me to go new places, meet new people and create images that will last a lifetime. Waking up every day and exploring the world through my lens is a dream that I can’t believe is my life.

When I’m not shooting I enjoy a variety of different hobbies ranging from car detailing, video games, Legos, and spending time with my good friends/family!


Eagle Scout

After countless years of being a Boy Scout I worked my way through the ranks to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Only 3% of scouts ever achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

Featured by Canon

In 2018 I was doing a photoshoot in California where I captured an image that Canon wanted to feature on their website and social media accounts.

Best Short Film

A short film called “Me, Myself, and I” won “Best Short Film” in the country for undergraduates at NBS (National Electronic Media Association). I was the cinematographer for the film.

Featured Photos

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